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Welcome to Marina Bay Club Condominium Association
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NJAWC will be changing the water meter on 6/12/17 at 10AM.  The water will be off for approximately 1 hour.

~ Roofing/Siding Project ~
As an update to the unit owners, the roofing/siding project is moving along its natural path.
The Board’s objectives of the project are as follows:
- repair roofs which have reached the end of normal life and are currently contributing to increased maintenance costs.
- replace siding which has some of the same issues as the roof.
- enhance the value of each unit with modern materials and contemporary color schemes.
- identify same modern material.
- select engineering firm to prepare specifications, select reputable contractors, submit project for bidding to six contractors.
- fine tune project to reflect optimum cost.
- prepare mock ups for presentation of project to unit owners.
- present total project including materials, mock ups, financial options for the consideration of the unit owners and a vote after due considerations.
The Board has achieved all the objectives up to the optimization of costs which is underway. The Board has met with the major material supplier who has given many suggestions on how to achieve our objectives.  The supplier has also given their input and recommendations of the contractors that have presented preliminary bids to the Board.  Once the material selection is finalized, meetings will be held with several of the contractors in order for them to provide a final bid for the job.  Once the final bids are received, a presentation will be scheduled, which will include mock ups of material and color selection.  There will be sufficient time for owner feedback, and all owners are encouraged to attend the presentation to voice their opinion.

~ Notice from the Water Company ~
New Jersey American water will be installing a new water main on Patten Avenue.  Weather permitting, they will start the project on Thursday, May 4, 2017.  They plan to work 7AM-4PM daily and will not work on weekends.  During this time, their contractor will work in conjunction with local authorities to minimize any inconvenience to your daily routine.  They will provide us with 24 hours notice whenever there will be a service interruption, unless there is an emergency.  If you have any questions, please call NJAWC superintendent, George Bauer at 732-933-5913.

~ Reminders ~
Vehicles and motorcycles are not permitted to park unattended in fire zones at any time.  All driveways, including areas adjacent to garage doors in all units are fire zones.  Any paved area in Marina Bay that is not marked for parking is a fire zone.
Marina Parking:
Per the rules and regulations of the Association owners may not use the parking spaces at the marina during weekends and holidays from May 1st to October 31st.  
Our trash pickup days are currently Tuesdays and Fridays.  All trash is to be deposited or stored in closed-sanitary trash containers or appropriate trash bags. These containers are to be supplied by unit owners and are to be kept in garages. They are to be put out at the rear of the unit only the night before pick-up time or prior to pick-up on those mornings and are to be taken in by the end of the day of pick-up.
Removal of discarded appliances, furniture and large bulk items is the responsibility of individual unit owners. The homeowners must call the city of Long Branch and arrange for pick-up. The discarded items should be placed at the rear of the unit the day before pick-up.

~ From the Board President ~
On behalf of the Board of Trustees at Marina Bay, I would like to bring you all up to date concerning the necessity and progress of a substantial capital improvement project which will include new roofs, siding, leaders, gutters, lighting and railings. 
As our maintenance costs continue to rise at an unprecedented rate, this project is becoming more and more a necessity. Actual maintenance through September was $149,715 and our annual maintenance budget is $94,250. We are facing a potential increase of almost 100% in maintenance. This increase would lead to maintenance being almost 40% of our annual budget. Historically, the annual budget has been on target with the projected number but this year there is an increase of repairs for water damage and leakage from roofing and siding failures that will likely only grow. This is the reason why we have decided to visit the possibilities of taking on this endeavor. Make no mistake, this is a huge project that will be accompanied by a large financial impact. As such, you can be certain that this cost that we will experience will have to be covered by a sizable assessment that we will all share. 
Your elected Trustees have and will continue to explore all phases of this project to assure all of us that what we are doing will be in all of our best interest.
Although this will initially have a financial impact on us, we cannot lose sight of the fact that a project of this magnitude will increase the value and desirability of wanting to live in Marina Bay. 
As of this point, we have retained the services of an Engineering firm, DW Smith,  to oversee the project. Following already performed inspections, they are currently preparing specifications, conceptual drawings and bid requirements. When we have a better understanding as to what we are facing, we will convene our financial committee, chaired by Joel Terry, to explore our financial options. 
We are having this information compiled and are preparing to hold an informational meeting for homeowners at Marina Bay. Thank you all for your cooperation and patience during this busy time. 
On behalf of the Board,
Felix Baguchinsky